SANLIDA Enhances Your Sexual Activity Naturally

In china, SANLIDA-corgycepin Ginseng capsules is consumed by the name of “Green Viagra”. This SANLIDA for male health is a tribute to Viagra but has the fundamental difference between other pills like Viagra on the market. SANLIDA -cordycepin Ginseng capsules is one of the top natural male enhancement pills and is prepared with natural botanical ingredients. It is prepared on the theories of Tibetan and Chinese medicine, and it is devised by generation of scholars of famous traditional Chinese medicine for natural male enhancement and for nourishing the fostering the growth of vitality and vigor and renal organ. The main ingredients are ginseng, cordycepin and fruits of Cnidium monnieri. All of them have a good effect for fortifying a man’s structure, elevating ones immunity and regulating one’s body functions. The improvement in sexual activity and increase in energy give rise by SANLIDA can be perceived. After consuming this capsule the male will become more energetic and ruddy in a very short time. The work efficiency will increase rapidly. The male enhancement natural pills concentrate the advantages of three techniques. Firstly, targeted administration then genetic engineering and lastly measured low release.  It also has the distinguishing feature of modern medicine, i.e. long endurance of its effect and high speed foe becoming effective. The effect will generate within 0.5 to 3 hours and last for about 72 hours. It doesn’t have any side effect nor entail drug dependency.

SANLIDA is the best selling natural sexual Health Preserver for male in china. It also has control hypertension, blood pressure, prostatic hyperplasia and better vision.  It is based on ancient recipes and also is an improvement on them. It is very helpful in increasing immunity against many diseases and particularly valuable for quick male enhancement potency. The main attraction of this capsule is that it doesn’t have any side effect at all which is the main factor for its high sale.

These capsules helps in restoring health, fostering the growth of vitality and nourishing the body, all distinguished by power, speed and force. This is the perfect requirement for male suffers from premature ejaculation, impotence, weakened sexual desire and degeneration of sexual function. These are also functional for patients of diabetes mellitus, prostatomegaly, cerebral thrombus and cerebral haemorrhage.

It also has its silent effects. It strengthens the male reproductive system and male psychic force. It conserve the cerebrum, regenerate and repair the brain cells, improves memory and improves immunity to attain the goal of nurturing the kidney, increase male sex drive naturally, achieves male enhancement, improves brain, increase sexual activity, retarding aging process, boosting longevity and prolonging life.

How these capsules should be taken:

For health preservation: 1 to 2 capsule a day

For therapeutic: 1-2 capsules a day.

Before coitus by 2 to 3 hours: 1 to 2 capsule a day.

The does may increase a little for cases which are very serious and for people who are advance in age. After taking this capsule if you don’t have sex, you will feel energetic and life will go on without any unwonted physiological reaction. After taking this medicine your energy level will surely increase to the maximum level and you will have sex without your previous problems. Both of the male and female will be very satisfied because the sex will be of full energy and pleasure, with harmony with your heart.

People suited for these capsules:

1.            People who want to improve sexual activity

2.            Want to increase their immunity power.

3.            People suffering from impotency, weakened sexual desire and degeneration of sexual function.

4.            People suffering from painful or frequent mictueition.

5.            People suffering from cerebral embolism, hypertension and apoplexy.